Supervisory Substance (phatpharmer) wrote,
Supervisory Substance

about Venice Beach, fyi

Day vs. Lincoln


Suntan brown vans

Grown men, sport shorts

Storefronts, bus bench

Black trench on meth head


Cake donuts’ gold bread

Net café and herbal meds

Sleeping bag, urine sack

            And with that,

                        Day takes back Lincoln Blvd.:


She cries crosswords

            Face shut with passwords

                        Calving and halving the spit scores

                                    Coping with split pores and shit sores


Sweat pours from manholes

Grand whores with handles

Game this system, pressures

Push feet to blood and fissure


Bros in mandals eat chicken

Bus fumes sicken vandals

Handhelds brighten mens’ stalls

Alleys surge, stall, and quicken

And when the fog stays, some days don’t ever seem to kick in
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